30 Oct,2019

Second Shanghai Initiative of WLA : Science and technology, for the common destiny of mankind

Source: WLA Shanghai Center

Science and technology, for the common destiny of mankind

2nd Shanghai Initiative of WLA

The  2nd  World Laureates Forum is held at the shore of beautiful Dishui Lake in Shanghai Lin-gang. This historic event has given us a great impression and appreciation of the unlimited vibrant of Shanghai, a city of oriental charm.

By exchanging and sharing openly and candidly over various important topics, we had a chance to re-evaluate and think in-depth the complex relationship between scientific development and future of mankind. As a group of scientists, we believe it is our responsibility to propose the following initiatives:

1. We must reaffirm our attention and emphasis on basic science, the transformative source of our society. Today's world relies on original innovation more than ever before. These innovations have a profound impact on almost all aspects of human community. We, thus, by facing the challenge of mankind together, call on a wide scientific cooperation in basic research throughout human societies, and a broad allocation of greater resources to assure continuous advancement of original innovation that is powered by creativity and originality.

2. Openness, cooperation, and community of science and technology are the pillars for scientific development. We believe that sustainable growth of science comes from collisions of different ideas and diverse cultural backgrounds. Cooperation that is cross-border, cross-region, cross-discipline, and cross-culture in the past, present and future would always be a flag raised high. This would not only provides the soil necessary to scientific development that is tolerant and inclusive, but also experiences the true appreciation and respect to different cultures, different regions, and different ways of thinking. We believe every one of us would benefit tremendously in this kind of cooperation. A global network of scientific innovation that brings together more participants and contributors is bound to make the future with greater potential and prosper.

3. We call for more support for young scientists around the world since their new ideas and discoveries will ensure the continuation of scientific development of mankind. We emphasize the importance of public participation, rational approach, freedom-to-explore, and critical thinking in scientific research; we advocate for an inclusive and encouraging attitude to attract more and more young people to participate in various innovative education and public activities of science. Their involvement would not only empower the scientific innovation, but also open up a new era for scientific research.

4. Establishing a healthy global scientific ecosystem requires further understanding and execution on key issues and regulations. Science and technology that benefit the future of mankind demand more responsibilities; it requires various social forces including scientists, to deepen their knowledge in a series of key values such as intellectual properties, scientific ethics, cooperation norms, etc.; and by using the knowledge as a cornerstone, a more effective model for scientific governance could be created to ensure that common perceptions are carefully implemented and standardized, which allow everyone of us who is sharing the system benefit more from the organization.

We believe that the World Laureates Forum, held at Dishui Lake in Shanghai Lin-gang, is exploring a new way to effectively bridge between science and development of mankind. The joint action among scientists and their in-depth exchanges on cutting-edge scientific research greatly facilitate a wider spreading and sharing of scientific knowledge and discoveries. We believe that this sharing will build a stronger confidence and enthusiasm for humanity. "Science and technology, for the common destiny of mankind" is the theme of this forum, and also the vision we are striving to achieve.