06 Jul,2020

Martine Hellman posted an article “Who Can We Trust with the Nuclear Button? No One”


On June 23, Martine Hell tweeted: “Former Secretary of Defense Bill Perry argues

that it is ‘bad policy’ and ‘inexcusable’ to give any president the sole authority to destroy civilization in a nuclear first strike.” He posted an article written by William J. Perry who served as secretary of defense in the Clinton administration and Tom Z. Collina, the director of policy at Ploughshares Fund. The article “Who Can We Trust with the Nuclear Button? No One” explores if it is justified that President is entitled to first use nuclear weapon and if we should have a “nuclear button”. It underlines three points: in a crisis situation, a) the president should not have sole authority for first use but should share that decision with a select group in Congress; b) The United States should declare that it will never start a nuclear war; c) The United States should retire land-based ballistic missiles. Authors call for retiring the nuclear button and maintaining an effective deterrent by alternatives as no one should have the unchecked power to destroy the world.