06 Aug,2020

Martine Hellman, the Pioneer of Web Cryptography on the Future of Authentication

Source: WLA

In a recent interview of Spectrum, the flagship magazine and website of the IEEE, Professor Martine Hellman, Taher Elgamal and Tom Jermoluk share their outlook on what’s next for web security. Taher Elgamal, who was once Hellman’s student at Stanford, is known as the “father of SSL” for developing the Secure Sockets Layer protocol used to secure transactions over the Internet. And Tom Jermoluk, a former Bell Labs engineer, is now the CEO of Beyond Identity, a new identity management platform. They talked about how recent advances in technology made it possible to change how we handle authentication, and what the future would look like. Professor Hellman talks about the need for public keys as the number of Internet sites increases exponentially. When asked how he came up with this great idea, Professor Hellman replied that there's a muse of cryptography who is whispering in our ears. He also added that in the future, these devices, like smartphones, will have secure enclaves [a separate, isolated coprocessor to store sensitive data such as biometrics and keys].