05 Feb,2020

World Laureates Believe Zavesca Is Expected to Inhibit the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

Source: WLA Shanghai Center

World Laureates Association (WLA) Shanghai Center - During the Spring Festival, WLA Shanghai Center visited the world's top virus research institutions intensively. It has found at the Oxford Glycobiology Institute that Zavesca, an iminosugar drug that has been on the market for nearly 20 years, and two other iminosugar drug molecules in clinical 2a trials for the treatment of hepatitis B virus, dengue virus and influenza virus, were expected to inhibit the novel coronavirus.

Zavesca is transformed from iminosugar derived from natural plants, which has been successfully used worldwide for the treatment of Gaucher disease (i.e., glucocerebrosidosis, an inherited metabolic disorder). The main mechanism of iminosugar drug molecules is to interfere with the production of new viruses in host cells, thereby destroying the virus. This mechanism would theoretically have the same effect on inhibiting the novel coronavirus.

The birthplace of this drug, the Oxford Glycobiology Institute is the best Glycobiology Institute in the world. Its director, Professor Raymond Dwek, a recipient of the CBE, and a Chief Virus Scientist of the British Government, has more than 20 years of successful experience in the development of coronavirus control drugs. His team was the first to discover new replication and synthesis mechanisms of "enveloped viruses" such as coronavirus in host cells, and to develope a series of iminosugar inhibitors and drug molecules targeting key glucosidases in this mechanism. Based on this mechanism, broad-spectrum antiviral agents can be developed.

In addition to Zavesca, the iminosugar drug molecules of the hepatitis B virus, dengue virus and influenza virus at the Institute have completed clinical 2a trials. If they are confirmed to be effective in the activity test of the novel coronavirus, a clinical treatment plan can be designed within 1 month under optimal conditions.

At present, WLA Shanghai Center is making every effort to coordinate resources to triumph over the virus.