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Secretary General Director

Job description

1.Assisted the President pushing work objectives in the field accordingly, collecting and analyzing the situation and put forward corresponding work suggestions;

2.Responsible for the daily affairs of the President, including but not only schedule management, schedule arrangement, meeting preparation, data sorting, etc.;

3.Responsible for the organizing, coordination and meeting minutes held by the President, and follow-up and implementation of meeting affairs;

4.Assisted the President in the internal communication and coordination with various departments of the group;

5.Other President related affairs.

Work requirements

1.Master degree or above, at least 2 years relevant experience;

2.Good commands of document writing, proficient in all kinds of office software;

3.Active thinking, clear logic, strong language skills, good interpersonal communication, organization and coordination skills, and strong self-displine;

4. Excellent comprehensive quality, stable and sunny, positive and aspirant, able to accept business trips.

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