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Think Tank Research Manager(Physical)

Job description

1.Responsible for forum theme planning and provide implementable solutions;

2.Responsible for docking with top scientists domestic and abroad, researching scientists' scientific research fruits and impacts in the field of implementation;

3.Collect information and materials in scientific fields related through various channels and integrate relevant documents;

4.Research and bring in new technologies, methods, etc., leading appliance not limited to biology, science and technology, mathematics, computer, medical, chemistry, physics, etc

5.Comprehensively study whether the scientific research results of scientists domestic and abroad worths transformation, and provide research reports;

6. Responsible for key project needs analysis, technical plan design,  investigate and check;

7. Participate in internal and external communication and technical discussions of  technologies accordingly;

8.Study relevant industry laws and policies, industry norms, etc., formulate corresponding countermeasures and implementation.

Work requirements

1.Doctor degree or above, major in physics or other majors related;

2.Good command of English listening, speaking, reading and writing;

3. At least 3 years working experience in physics research;

4.Strong inter-departmental communication skills, strong sense of responsibility, and ability to adapt to fast-paced work;

5.Overseas experience adds.

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