LI Qiang Meets with International Laureates: Promoting International Scientific Research
Date: 2018-10-30
        Source: Liberation Daily

        LI Qiang, Secretary of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, met with international laureates who came to Shanghai to attend the WLA Forum yesterday afternoon. He expressed his gratitude to everyone for their long-term concern and active participation in promoting the development of Shanghai and he hopes that everyone can provide smart suggestions and contribute their wisdom in building the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center.

        Li Qiang said that Shanghai is the frontier and window of China's reform and opening up and the largest economic center of China. Currently, according to the instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on Shanghai's development. The city is accelerating in building an international economic, financial, trade, shipping, science and technology innovation center and in building a remarkable global city and a world-influencing socialist modern international metropolis. Innovation is an inexhaustible source of urban vitality. The world's leading cities all take innovation as the key to planning future development. Scientific innovation has never profoundly affected the future and destiny of the city as it is today, and the welfare of the people's lives as well. Shanghai should build a globally influential science and technology innovation center, accelerating its breakthroughs in scientific and technological innovation and incubation, so that the city can strive to become an important birth place of global new academic ideas, new scientific discoveries, new technological inventions, and new industrial directions. We deeply feel that now is an era of big science with open attitudes and collaborative innovation, which is an inevitable trend of scientific development. Only by adopting a more open and inclusive attitude, further integrating into the global science and technology innovation system and strengthening all-round international cooperation can technological innovation be revitalized.

        LI Qiang said that the science and technology innovation center to be built in Shanghai is a large-scale cooperation platform facing the world with greater openness, higher synergy and stronger sourcing capability.

        Shanghai will open up all aspects of the technology innovation chain, gather and allocate innovative resources and innovation elements on a larger scale, further open up and share the large scientific devices of Shanghai, serve global innovation activities, and contribute to international scientific research. I hope that with the forum as an opportunity, more world laureates will come to Shanghai to carry out scientific research activities and scientific exploration in frontier theoretical research and core technology research. We will create a better working environment for scientists and provide better research services.

        LI Qiang mentioned that professor Roger Kornberg, wrote to him twice, providing valuable suggestions on China's scientific development, deepening cooperation between WLA and Shanghai, and Shanghai hosting the WLA Forum. Such suggestions have fully demonstrated his strong support for Shanghai's scientific and technological innovation. After the joint efforts of all parties, the WLA Forum was successfully opened today. Shanghai will fully support the development of the WLA Forum and strive to build it into an internationally influential platform for scientific and technological innovation, cooperation and exchange, which will make positive contributions to promoting international academic exchanges, deepening basic scientific research, and cultivating young scientists.

        Roger Kornberg, the Nobel Prize-winning chemist and co-founder of the WLA, represented the participating scientists to congratulate on the successful opening of the forum. He said that Shanghai is a modern international metropolis with a variety of innovative elements and increasingly rich innovative research platforms. Innovative talents are coming to here, providing strong support for the development of scientific and technological innovation activities. We fully feel the determination of Shanghai to integrate into the global science and technology innovation system and carry out international cooperation and exchanges. We are willing to deepen cooperation and tackle the forefront problems in our key research areas and to jointly make greater contributions to the development of human science and technology.

        City leaders WENG Zuliang and SHI Guanghui attended the meeting.

        The WLA Forum with the theme of "Science and Technology, for the Common Destiny of Mankind" was officially opened yesterday at the Dishuihu Lake in Lingang, Shanghai. The international laureates participating in the forum include 26 Nobel laureates, as well as world-renowned academic awards winners of the Wolf Prize, Lasker Award, Turing Award, and MacArthur Fellowship, covering major scientific research fields such as chemistry, physics, medicine, and computer science. (Reporter TAN Yan)