SHI Guanghui's speech at the closing ceremony of the WLA Forum: Welcome Laureates to Shanghai to Carry Out All-round Cooperation
Date: 2018-10-31

        On October 31st, 2018, the three-day World Laureates Forum officially closed. SHI Guanghui, Vice Mayor of Shanghai, delivered a speech at the closing ceremony. He said that the development of science and technology has entered the era of global cooperation and innovation. Welcome laureatres to Shanghai to conduct all-around cooperation with universities, research institutes and enterprises in Shanghai. 

        SHI Guanghui said that this forum is a world-class scientific event. International laureates gathered together to discuss and exchange ideas around the common destiny of science, and achieved excellent academic and social benefits.

        In his opinion, the four main forums are all brilliant. On the frontier topics of photonic science, life sciences, innovative drug research and development, brain science and artificial intelligence, laureates at home and abroad made wonderful expositions and exchanges from the forward-looking research perspective, fully demonstrated the scientific spirit of persisting in exploration and pursuing truth, and gave a very good sharing and inspiration for the research in related scientific fields.

       "Human development is inseparable from science and technology innovation. Regions with the most advanced science and technology are the birthplace of basic science with no exception. It can be said that basic science research is the key force to drive innovation. " SHI Guanghui pointed out that Shanghai as China's largest economic central city, is currently accelerating the construction of a globally influential science and technology innovation center.

        SHI Guanghui said, "We are accelerating breakthroughs in the ability to innovate in science and technology, and striving to become an important birthplace of global academic ideas, new discoveries in science, new inventions, and new directions for the industry. We deeply feel that only a more open attitude, a stronger integration into the global science and technology innovation system and a deeper all-round international cooperation, will they enable technological innovation to burst out more energy and vitality."



       It is worth mentioning that during the forum, the world laureates “WLA Science Community” was launched in Shanghai. The “Science Community” is the first WLA science community in the world. It will use the cluster effect of WLA to bring the scientists' original technology resources into Shanghai and connect it with China's huge application market.

       “We will accelerate the construction of the science community and strive to build it into homes of the world laureates and young scientists. Based on the community, we will fully implement the many consensuses and important suggestions of some laureates in place to further create a better research environment, improve science and technology services, and attract global scientists and institutions to jointly build innovation laboratories in Shanghai.” SHI Guanghui said, the goal is to explore in frontier theoretical and core technology research, to guide multiple resources across borders for integration and let more scientific and technological innovations take root and produce outcomes here in Shanghai. “We believe that our joint cooperation and efforts with WLA will definitely make the WLA Science Community an important platform to support both scientists' independent exploration and promote cooperation and exchange of scientific and technological innovation, which will play an important role in promoting biochemical basic scientific research, strengthening international academic exchanges and supporting young scientist.”

       SHI Guanghui pointed out at the closing ceremony that the development of science and technology has entered the era of global cooperative and collaborative innovation. The development of Shanghai requires global vision and international wisdom. Therefore, Shanghai warmly welcomes the laureates to Shanghai to carry-out all-around cooperation with universities, research institutes and enterprises in Shanghai.